Domestic Abuse and Other Abuse

Emotional Support Services

Hope House Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC), Gloucestershire Rape & Sexual Abuse Centre (GRASAC), Gloucestershire Counselling Service (GCS) & TICplus (TIC+) Partnership are working together to provide counselling and emotional support to children and young people, families and adults via a self-referral route. The pathway offers a range of potential options to support mental health and emotional wellbeing needs.

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Silent Solution Guide

If you need urgent help, but are unable to speak to 999, please view the below poster for information on the Silent Solution system.

Gloucestershire Domestic Abuse Support Service

Gloucestershire Domestic Abuse Support Service is a county-wide service designed to reduce the level of domestic abuse and improve the safety of victims and their families. It operates in all districts offering a variety of support programmes for women and men aged over 16 experiencing domestic abuse.

Telephone: 0845 602 9035



Hollie Gazzard Trust

The Trust was created following the murder of 20-year-old Hollie Gazzard in 2014 by an ex-partner. HGT helps reduce domestic violence through creating and delivering programmes on domestic abuse and promoting healthy relationships to schools and colleges. In addition, it funds hairdressing training for young people.

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Dementia & Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is defined by power and control. Understanding domestic abuse in the context of dementia can be complex.

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Flare App

Flare’ is a Safer Gloucestershire app, created for women and girls, to anonymously share their experiences of how and where they’ve felt unsafe.

The app helps local agencies understand how and where women and girls feel unsafe and take action.

It’s anonymous, quick, free to use and can connect to support and advice in Gloucestershire.

Reportable experiences may include:

  • Staring
  • Cat calling/wolf-whistling
  • Inappropriate gestures
  • Inappropriate comments/comments on physical appearance
  • Invading personal space
  • Verbal abuse
  • Drink spiking
  • Being followed/spied on
  • Being brought/sent unwanted gifts
  • Online harassment/stalking
  • Threatening violence or sending threatening objects
  • Unwanted repeated social contact
  • Other stalking behaviour
  • Sexual comments made in public
  • Inappropriate touching without consent
  • Being sent inappropriate images
  • Indecent exposure
  • Up skirting
  • Serious sexual assault/rape

To find out more and to download the Flare App visit:

Flare App | Gloucestershire Constabulary

Stalking and Harassment

Everyone should have the right to go about their daily business in safety and without fear. Nobody has the right to harass you or stalk you and SupportLine can provide advice.

Helpline: 01708 765200

Website: SupportLine