An Update for All Patients

At Aspen Medical Practice we are very grateful for the support of all our loyal patients. We would like to reassure you that we are here for you when you have need of our services and we continue to offer both telephone and face to face appointments, depending on an individual patient’s need.

We would like to remind our patients that Covid-19 is still a very real threat in terms of maintaining staffing levels and business interruption. NHS staff are still required to isolate if they have a household contact who tests positive for Covid-19, this is to protect vulnerable patients and to attempt to minimise staff sickness. However, when staffing levels are low, we may need to re-arrange some appointments and we ask that your bear with us if this does happen.

You can further help us by continuing to wear a face mask when in the practice, all patient facing members of our staff will also be required to wear face masks.

You may also find that it takes longer to get through to us by telephone due to the unprecedented surge in demand for appointments. We apologise for these delays and can ensure you that we are advertising to recruit additional staff to help manage this increase in demand.

Whilst the majority of our patients have been very understanding and supportive, there have sadly been some isolated instances of unacceptable behaviour towards our staff. We would remind all our patients that Aspen Medical Practice does not tolerate abuse towards members of our staff. We understand that when patients contact us, they are sometimes feeling quite unwell and as a result of this may not be there usual selves. Please remember that our staff are here to help you. If a member of staff does experience any form of abuse, it is practice policy that they report it to the management immediately. Abusive behaviour may result in us asking a patient to register elsewhere. We will not tolerate verbal or physical abuse.

Once again thank you to all our patients, for your understanding and support in these exceptionally challenging times.