Aspen Medical Practice’s confidence in the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine is unaffected by news reports of the irrational political decision taken by some European Countries.

The European Medicines Agency also agrees with the UK regulators that there is NO EVIDENCE that the vaccine leads to an increased risk of blood clots, or that it is any different in this regard to the Pfizer vaccine. The rate of blood clots in people who have been vaccinated is not statistically different to the rate in people who have not been vaccinated. We do however remain constantly vigilant and will act accordingly to any evidence that comes to light at any time.

The COVID-19 disease DOES seem to massively increase the risk of blood clots however, and this is a major factor in many of the deaths that have occurred as a result of the infection.

We have already delivered thousands of doses of each vaccine to our patients, and we are delighted at how few complications have been recorded and the gratifying reduction in COVID-19 cases in people who have been vaccinated. There is considerably MORE risk of harm from catching COVID-19 than from the vaccination. Our advice continues to be to accept the earliest possible offer of either vaccine that you are offered.

By being vaccinated you not only protect yourself and help life return to normal quicker, but you also potentially protect others from serious harm.”