The Team


Dr Andy Seymour

Dr Rachel Khalid

Dr Hasib Khalid

Dr Iain Jarvis

Dr Joe Moreno

Dr Bob Hodges

Dr Sarah Meade

Dr Jhumpa Sarkar

Dr Sam Kuok

Dr Andreas Marksteiner

Dr Wali Islam

Dr Kannan Raj

Dr Nicola Wilson


Salaried doctors

Dr Alyson Van Den Broeck

Dr Jacqui Orme

Dr Reita Kanan

Dr Hannah Bland

Dr Hannah Lunn

Dr Barbara Williams

Dr Claudia Kempfen

Dr Sam Holdcroft

Dr Nicola Pockett

Dr Padmini Padmepriya

Dr Fauzia Zafou


Nursing Team

Jacqui Curwen            

Tracy Williams            

Lisa Stoddart

Helen Chandaran

Donna Griffin

Claire Gough

Rachel Wright

Samira Limbada

Beverley Thorp

Ewa Hazizi

Geraldine Lane

Debbie Sibley

Sharon Cann

Pam Hodges

Lana Gorospe


Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Sarah Ron


Community Matron

Rachel Bucknell


Healthcare Assistants

Helen Cook             

Karen Wilkins         

Sarah Hewlett

Kay Confaloni

Kim Peacey

Alyson Jones

Anna Osmanska


Clinical Pharmacists

Pam Adams

Kathryn Mattock


Advanced Physio Practitioner

Nigel Haddock


Managerial Team

Clare Barnfield (Business Continuity)

Beverley Lewis (HR)

Nicola Grange (Operations and Assistant Finance)

Louise Anderson (Systems)

Nicolas Lemarchand (Finance)

Michaela Davies (Reception, Deputy Operations)

Wendy Mann (Patient Services, Deputy HR)

Vanessa Bassett (Deputy Business Continuity)


Other Clinical Staff allied to the Practice

Community Nursing Team (District Nurses):
Happy to advise on the nursing care of the elderly, disabled and those recently discharged.
Tel: 0300 4211436

The Health Visitors Team:
Dedicated to health promotion and disease prevention advice, particularly to parents and children under 5. They also run a 'drop in' child welfare & baby weighing clinic at Elmbridge Childrens Centre, Windfall Way, Elmbridge, Gloucester on Wednesdays between 1:30 and 2:30pm. 
Tel: 0300 4218358

Mental Health Nurse:
Holds a counselling session at the surgery on a weekly basis. Appointments for this service are only made by referral from the doctors. 

Community Midwife: 
Looks after our patients throughout their pregnancy and arrange their own clinics at our surgery. They also run parent craft classes in association with the health visitors.
Tel: 0300 4225128