Travel and Vaccination Advice

via FitForTravel, a service provided by the NHS; and the Foreign Office, Gov.UK

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Is it safe to travel to my destination?

Do I need any vaccinations?

I'd like to see up-to-date health alerts

I'd like to read travel warnings and advice for a specific country

I'd like some general travel advice

I'd like some advice for a specific group travelling (e.g., children; pregnant women)

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I'd like some advice on a specific disease

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Vaccination & Advice Appointments

Please make an initial appointment as early as possible to discuss vaccinations at least 8 weeks before travel. Some vaccinations have to be ordered specifically for you. Private vaccinations and prescriptions incur charges.

You can check if you require any vaccinations by selecting your destination on the resources linked above.

Please print and fill out this Travel Risk Assessment form prior to your appointment with the nurse: