Elderly and Specific Needs Caring Advice

via Carers, provided by the charity CarersTrust; NHS Choices (advice for carers)

via Gloucestershire County Council (advice for requesting care)

^ A preview of Carers Gloucestershire website ( https://carersgloucestershire.org.uk/ )

^ A preview of Carers Gloucestershire website (https://carersgloucestershire.org.uk/)



I am caring for someone

Where can I get advice on how to care for someone?

I would like to access a 24/7 caring advice helpline

I am interested in requesting care

Request an evaluation from Gloucestershire County Council for social care of an individual


If an individual does not qualify for social care from the council, who else can I apply to?

I, or someone I am caring for, is unable to make it into the practice, but we still need healthcare

Please contact your doctor to request a home consultation